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Application forms for Club Membership are available at the Club.

As you hand your completed application form to the duty Range Officer you or
your parent/guardian if under 18, must show an official document to provide
proof of your identity, like a valid UK passport or a valid UK driving licence. You also pay a one-off
£10 and provide a recent passport type photo.

The Club’s Management Committee reserves the right to refuse an application for membership and
is under no obligation to give reasons. Refused applicants do not have a right to appeal.
The next step after receipt of your application for membership requires the Club to inform the
police of your application and for them to confirm that there’s no objection. When we get the
authorisation an Officer of the Club will email you and invite you for your first active (shooting) visit
which is then also the start of your 3 months probationary period.

You cannot shoot at the Club before this invitation.

The Probationary Membership requires new members’ participation in a minimum of 10 activities
with the Club within the first three months, be it at the Horsham clubhouse, at any section, or at
other (outdoor) venues.

Please let us know if your work or personal circumstances may require special consideration.
Your 10 active visits to the Club are just as much for the Club to get to know you, as for you to find
out if the HRPC is right for you. Per active visit at the Club you must pay the current range fee.
These visits are subject to any ruling to the contrary by an Officer of the Club. During this 3 month
period we must also receive your references, and it is your responsibility to make sure that the Club
receives them.

If your references have been received by the date of your 10th visit your application for Full
Membership will be discussed at the next Committee meeting. After this meeting an email to you
will follow with the decision. Between your 10th visit and the next Committee meeting you may
continue active visits as a Probationary Member.

At your first visit after you’ve been accepted as a full member the balance of the membership fee is

The amount due will be in your “welcome as a Full Member” email.
The Membership year runs from April to March and you’ll pay pro-rata for the number of months
between the start of your Probationary period and the following April.

PLEASE NOTE : if your references have not arrived on time and/or the balance is not paid at your first
visit after you’ve been accepted as a Member, your application is deemed to have been withdrawn
and you will no longer be able to use the Club’s facilities.
Safety is - understandably - a very important factor at a Club such as ours. It will be no surprise to
you that any member (Probationary or Full) can have their membership suspended or terminated at
any time for disobeying safety instructions or contravening Club Rules.


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