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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can we hire or rent equipment directly from you?
Answer: No we do not rent or hire equipment as we are a non-profit club,
however We have a limited collection of club guns that we are able to start
you off with, but use of these are on a first come first served basis. However many opt for
buying there own equipment, this allows you to personalize your experience to your
shooting style.


Question: How old do you need to be to learn to shoot?

Answer: There are no hard and fast rules to this, but we would look to see if the person
applying is able to, firstly listen to instructions, these would be to ensure they know how to
safely handle a weapon in their possession. Secondly if they are able to hold a weapon
safely, some rifles can feel quite heavy when being held for a period of time.


Question: My child(ren) would like to learn to shoot, do you run a coaching program?
Answer: Yes. Our Monday evening sessions are for developing new and upcoming

Question: Can I just come down and give shooting a try?

Answer: Before anyone can shoot at our indoor range they must have a CRB check done,
this is a free check and takes only a few weeks to be proce
ssed by the local police firearms
office. This is to ensure the safety of you and other club members remains one of our main

Question: When can I/we shoot at the range?
Answer: Our indoor range in Horsham is open almost every day (see the Timetable), also
our offsite outdoor Hunter Field Target section (HFT) shoots are on a Sunday every two

Question: How long do I/we have to complete our probationary period?
Answer: We have a time limit of three months to complete the ten active shooting visits.
However, if a situation occurs which means this may not be possible then please let us
know. We will try and be as flexible as we can be to help you if we can.

Question: I am interested in trying HFT what do I need to have?
Answer: You don’t need much to try HFT. You will need access to an air rifle, but other
than that you will need to remember that HFT is an outdoor sport therefore should dress

Question: I am interested in trying Benchrest what do I need to do?

Come down to the range on a Tuesday afternoon to meet the instructors. Wondering about scopes and rests? We’ll show you the ropes on how to pick the best gear to make your rifle super steady and your aim sharp. We’ll guide you through all the gear talk. We’ve got loads of tips to share on how to hit that bullseye more often. Our club members are really friendly and always happy to help you get better. Plus, it’s always more fun to practice with friends!

Question: Who can I use as a reference on my application? 

Answer: You must supply two references, and the people you specify must have known
you for a minimum of five years and not be a family memb
er. In the case of joint
applications to HRPC applicants cannot nominate eac
h other as a referee.

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