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Horsham Rifle and Pistol club (HRPC) have been in Horsham, West Sussex for one hundred years. We provide for shooting over a diverse set of disciplines both within our 25 yard indoor range (which is heated and air conditioned) and a covered 33 yard outdoor range in Horsham plus an off-site Hunter Field Target near Horsham which comprises of a covered outdoor 45 yard range and two HFT courses spread over a 40 acre wooded area.

Development Squad (Mondays) 

Our Development Squad trains people that are new to shooting and coaches those experienced people who want to take their shooting to the next level - coaching them to county, national and international competitive standards.

The squad generally uses air rifles and pistols but has the full range of the club equipment at their disposal.

Air Guns (Tuesday pm)

Tuesday afternoon is the time for various Air guns including the Benchrest discipline. As it's name implies Benchrest has the rifle rested on a bench that you sit at.  Using .177 air rifles this promotes high accuracy shooting so, as you'd expect, the targets are smaller.  Members can take part in competitions within Sussex county and the UKBR22 association.

Benchrest photo.jpeg

Prone Shooting
(Tuesday eve) 

Prone shooting is mainly for .22 target rifles with iron sights aiming at targets 25 yards away whilst laying on the ground (ie prone!)

Light Sporting (Fridays)

The light sporting discipline, as it’s name implies, uses lighter weight rifles to stand and shoot at targets 20 metres away. No specialised equipment or clothing is allowed except that the rifles are equipped with telescopic sights.


The weekend sees the club at it’s most varied with people shooting indoors and outdoors using Air Pistol and Air Rifle at a range of distances. The Benchrest discipline is also available – where the rifles are rested on a table whilst the shooter sits behind. In addition, there is a further prone session for those that cannot attend on a Tuesday.

Hunter Field Target (Thursdays & Saturdays)

HFT, or Hunter Field Target, is an air rifle shooting discipline and consists of 30 metal targets placed in a hunting type environment.  Our practice night is indoors on a Thursday and then Sundays sees the use of our outdoor ranges to make use of natural woodland and fields.

The targets are painted in bright colours to aid visibility but can be placed in awkward positions so parts of them are obscured and can be placed at distances of 8 yards to 45 yards. Hitting them will knock the target down which can then be reset by pulling a string.


Fullbore shooting takes place on a number of days throughout the year at other ranges, including the National Shooting Centre at Bisley, Surrey.

Do you want to find out more about joining our club?

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